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'With my toes pointed!'

Thanks to Phyllis Kiehn, bouncing on the trampoline has become part of the way of life for teen-age girls in Bellingham, Wash. An instructor in physical education at Bellingham's Shuksan Junior High School, the energetic Mrs. Kiehn (shown in mid-jump with one of her pupils) decided that the trampoline was just the thing to help coltish schoolgirls achieve rhythm and coordination. Her classes have grown so popular that she has been forced to hold extra ones before and after school and on weekends as well. In no time at all, the bouncing and jouncing has spread to all of Bellingham's secondary schools.

"Girls in their early teens are often at the ugly-duckling stage of development," says Phyllis Kiehn. "The trampoline makes physical fitness fun. Within the space of a single week, you can actually see the girls grow more graceful."

Mrs. Kiehn's pupils express their enthusiasm somewhat differently. "The trampoline is better than anything else in physical education," says a Bellingham 14-year-old. "Better than anything else in school. Better than school. Imagine me—up there in the air with my toes pointed!"