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'As it should be played'

Colgate University dedicated a 3,000-seat indoor hockey rink in its new and still-abuilding $1,250,000 field house the other day, and it represented a personal triumph for J. Howard Starr, chairman of the school's physical education department. Colonel Starr coached Colgate hockey teams from 1932 through 1950, except for an interlude in military intelligence in World War II, and led his teams to four intercollegiate championships. But perhaps his greatest problem, in those days of outdoor rinks and, at Colgate, of increasingly warmer winters, was uncertain ice. For this reason, in 1951 Colgate suspended intercollegiate competition in something like despair, but Starr kept the sport alive through intramural competition—and put his back into alumni efforts toward an indoor rink.

This season Colonel Starr coached the school's first freshman hockey squad in eight years to a winning season, accepted a citation from admiring Colgate officials and alumni for developing "players and teams equal to the best." Said pleased-as-punch Howie Starr: "Now the students who love the sport can enjoy the game as it should be played."