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THE QUESTION: Who has the best shot in the National Hockey League?

Detroit Red Wings Goalie
Gordie Howe. I've watched him operate both as an opposing player and as a teammate. During my seasons in Boston, Gordie gave me the most trouble of any player. Even now I'm still amazed at Howe's shot—not just the speed of it but also the force. We refer to his kind of shot as "heavy."

New York Rangers Goalie
Boom Boom Geoffrion doesn't have to apologize for his blazer and neither does Jean Beliveau, but when it comes to speed and accuracy, the old man, Rocket Richard, still is as tough as anybody. He can catch those corners blindfolded. I don't care how hard the shot is as long as I can see it.

Montreal Canadiens Goalie
That's almost impossible to answer. The best scorer on each team should be the one with the best shot. One player shoots the puck at 100 miles an hour and another at 110. What's the difference? Bobby Hull of the Chicago Black Hawks and Andy Bathgate of the New York Rangers are as good as any.

Boston Bruins Goalie
In my opinion it's a tossup between the Canadiens' Jean Beliveau and Bronco Horvath of our team. There's no hesitation on the part of either. Both get their shots off quickly. When the puck hits their stick it's gone and both of them shoot along the ice, which is the most effective way.

Chicago Black Hawks Goalie
It could be either Beliveau of the Canadiens or Tim Horton of Toronto. If I'm pinned down to a choice I'd have to pick Beliveau because he is a much greater all-round player. Several others are very close—Boom Boom Geoffrion of the Canadiens, Bobby Hull of our club and Andy Bathgate of the Rangers.

Toronto Maple Leafs Goalie
Gordie Howe. He takes one look, seems to know where the goalie is going to move and lets go. He gets the shot off in a flash, and he knows where he is actually aiming. Bobby Hull of the Hawks has a very V accurate wrist shot which he gets away amazingly fast. Beliveau and Geoffrion of the Canadiens are also great.