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'Why stay indoors in winter?'

Clifford Sutter won his first big title, the intercollegiate tennis championship, as a Tulane sophomore 30 years ago. Just the other day, with some smashing help from his wife Suzanne, he captured his latest: the national platform tennis mixed doubles championship. The Sutters' victory came in a fast-growing game which is half tennis, half squash, played in the winter (when tennis courts are apt to be soggy) on fenced wooden courts, with bank shots off the mesh a main tactic. "Why stay indoors in winter when there's a sport like this?" says Sutter, now a New York advertising executive, who has been playing the game with his wife for 20 years. "It's fast and exerting, yet demands more finesse than strength, so women can play it well."

The Sutters played well indeed in the championship matches at South Orange, N.J. If Cliff was calm, as a four-time national men's doubles winner might well be, Suzanne was plainly thrilled. Said she happily: "I just can't wait to tell the five children."