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THE QUESTION: Which team is most improved in your league?

Baltimore Orioles
I think that the Chicago White Sox and the Cleveland Indians are the most improved. It's a tossup between them. Al Lopez got the punch he needed in Freese, Minoso and Kluszewski without sacrificing any defense. Cleveland plugged the hole at second with Temple and got additional help in Catcher John Romano and Third Baseman Bubba Phillips.

Philadelphia Phillies
It's hard to say until you've seen the other teams in action against your own club. But it would seem that the Giants got what they were after and are most improved with Blasingame at second and two new, fairly good pitchers in O'Dell and Loes. But you never know because every other team is also improved and has a better chance of winning.

Detroit Tigers
Although it's a little early to be sure at this stage of the season, I'd say the most improved team is either Cleveland or Chicago. I lean a little toward the White Sox because they got some of what they didn't have last year, punch in Freese and Minoso, in addition to Ted Kluszewski, whom they got late last season.

Milwaukee Braves
The Pirates will be a lot better with their veterans back in form. All of them can't have bad years again. Also, if the new Cubs come through, they're going to raise cain. However, the Giants' trade got them the second baseman they needed and two pitchers to round out a thin staff. I guess they're the most improved.

Chicago White Sox
I see the White Sox as the most improved, and we haven't hurt our own playing to get what we wanted. We got the left-handed pitching that we needed, but most of all, we added Minoso and Freese to back up Ted Kluszewski for the power we lacked. In addition, both Minnie Minoso and Gene Freese can run.

San Francisco Giants
That's a tough question for me to answer because we may be more improved than the others. Most important is the fact that we're a year older and our young players now have two full seasons of major league experience. If Cincinnati gets good pitching, the team is going to be as tough as any to beat.