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14 New Season—Old Ted
There were heroes in both leagues, but none so dramatic as the 41-year-old Ted Williams

18 Mad Night in Montana
Martin Kane examines the ifs, ands and butts-of last week's middleweight title fight

20 The Deadly Spray
Man's war on insects is taking a frightful toll of game and may threaten man himself

26 Dreams of Glory
The Los Angeles Chargers hold a four-day amateur show for would-be football players

29 Bluebloods and Red Roses
Whitney Tower's Kentucky Derby preview, plus paintings by Morton Roberts

42 Part I: Golf for Women
First of three lessons from a book Tommy Armour calls "a great boon to women golfers"

57 Fitness from the Cradle
Bonnie Prudden presents a startling innovation: an exercise program for babies

79 Sporting Hollywood
Movie people are engaged in sport more than ever, but the grandiose grandeur is gone

The departments

6 Scorecard
8 Coming Events
13 Editorial
60 Golf
67 Charles Goren
68 Shooting
71 Water Polo
88 For the Record
89 19th Hole
92 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 88

Cover: Kentucky Derby

When Artist Morton Roberts visited Churchill Downs he succeeded in capturing on his canvases some classic scenes at Louisville, which he presents and describes on pages 36-40.

Painting by Morton Roberts














Next week

•A thousand-mile cruise by outboard from Seattle to the great glaciers and towering icebergs of Alaska, with a cruise map and details on how to get there and what to see.

•Luis Aparicio, the happy-go-lucky White Sox shortstop, is no bigger than a bat boy, but he makes the big plays with major grace, passion and a little bit of hot dog.

•A Sporting Look preview of the summer, as reflected in the clothes selected by SPORTS ILLUSTRATED's fashion editors for sea and air travel to Europe and the Rome Olympics.