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18 Venetian Leads the Way
In dramatic color, critical Derby action and a portrait of the winner, plus Whitney Tower's story

22 What's So Funny?
The NCAA has the last laugh as it puts Indiana University in the doghouse for four years

26 Vive the French Finish!
Italy's three-year domination of world bridge came tumbling down before a last-minute Gallic rush

28 Headed for the Goal
England has its World Series of soccer, and both fans and players rise to the occasion

30 Bent with the Wind
A 13-year-old does his better-than-level best against hard-sailing seniors

34 Little Man with a Big Wallop
An uninhibited teen-ager is the most promising new tennis player in the U.S. By Ken Rudeen

47 Part III: Golf for Women
Concluding a notable series, Louise Suggs tells how to conquer Trap Shots

55 Part II: Inside to Alaska
Mort Lund takes you through the final 500 miles of his outboard adventures up the Inside Passage

74 The Crows Lose One, 233-0
A noncombatant's view of a lopsided battle in a North Carolina cornfield. By Gerald Holland

84 Part I: Visit to a Small Continent
Over the rainbow lies Australia, storied land of sport. By Herbert Warren Wind

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6 Scorecard
8 Editorials
11 Coming Events
62 Horse Shows
68 Food
70 Baseball
74 Hunting
98 Baseball's Week
100 For the Record
101 19th Hole
104 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 100

Cover: Australia

A kaleidoscopic place of lively energy, Australia is the latest big power to appear in sport. Herbert Warren Wind begins his colorful report on it, the first of two parts, on page 84.

Photographs by Jerry Cooke














Next week

•Is bridge dangerous? No, but it can be hysterical. Jack Olsen writes of the masterful world of Expert Charles Goren and a raft of other noted and entertaining players.

•Something is always happening to Orlando Cepeda of the Giants: a home run, a bean ball, a riot. Roy Terrell tells the story of San Francisco's favorite ballplayer.

•Alfred Wright introduces Chris Dunphy, septuagenarian storyteller, bon vivant and friend of the famous, who golfs in the 70s and has the winning bets as his proof.