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12 The Indians Again
The Indians held the champion White Sox to a split and looked ahead to a better season

16 A Man of Quality
Aly Khan was a prince of sport, and his death was a special loss to Thoroughbred racing

18 The Miracle at Quinsigamond
Cornell, unsung and until last week unwanted, rose to a mighty victory in the Eastern sprints

22 Spikers at Work
Power volleyball's most aggressive players demonstrate their paralyzing art at Dallas

28 The Sa-fra-seeko Kid
Refreshing as a breeze off the Bay, Orlando Cepeda is No. 1 with a new breed of Giant fans

41 The Mad World of Bridge
A searching look into the pixilated activities of the most famous bridge masters

51. 'Who Are You, Mon?'
Chris Dunphy is the man. He is a friend of the rich and the famous and a golfer in his own right

56 Spectacle: Saddles and Silks
The windows and shelves of the house of Hermès give Paris a unique sporting goods store

78 Part 2: Visit to a Small Continent
Ending his series, Herbert Warren Wind tells how Australians found the secret of greatness

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6 Scorecard
8 Coming Events
11 Editorials
61 Harness Racing
66 Football
71 Horse Racing
74 Golf
76 Tip from the Top
86 Baseball's Week
89 For the Record
93 19th Hole
96 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 89

Cover: Charles Goren

The best (but by no means the zaniest) of the bridge champions, Charles Goren reigns over The Mad World of Bridge. Jack Olsen's tour of Goren's world starts out on page 41.

Photograph by Louise Dahl-Wolfe














Next week

•Herb Elliott, the best miler in the world, is in the U.S. from Australia to race Dyrol Burleson, the U.S.'s best. Tex Maule will tell the story of Elliott—and of his troubles.

•A last-minute report from Indianapolis on the windup weekend of qualifying, and Alfred Wright's survey of which cars to watch during the Memorial Day "500."

•In a confidential letter to his editor, Robert Coughlan reports on his strange journey south to Jamaica in search of an earthly paradise, here described for the first time.