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10 The New Herb Elliott
Australia's superb miler, not the dedicated runner he was two years ago, faces a challenge

14 Some Dwarfs Take a Giant Step
The U.S. Curtis Cup golfers had Disney names, but they were fierce fighters in rainy Yorkshire

16 A Nod for a Title
From Moscow, a report on the unconventional new champion of the world's most ancient game

22 Right Stance, Wrong Game
Pete Dawkins, Army's man at Oxford, brings a baseball swing to the fine art of cricket

27 Wizard of Indy
Carbuilder A. J. Watson has won three of the last five "500s" and is the best bet for this one

36 An Olympic Camp-Out
For the adventurous—or the tardy—here is a new way to see the Games in Rome. With map

43 Eighth Place Revisited
There is a certain serenity down there, as a trip with the Washington Senators proves

46 Beauties of the Past
Turning back the clock, old-car lovers prepare to tour Michigan. In color

64 The Frenchman's Cove Letters
Written by Robert Coughlan, they tell a strange story of a modern-day Shangri-La

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6 Scorecard
9 Editorials
51 Horse Racing
54 Charles Goren
56 Food
60 Baseball
74 Baseball's Week
76 For the Record
77 19th Hole
80 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 76

Cover: Elliott and Burleson

Australia's Herb Elliott has given up his raw-oat diet, but he still may be the world's best miler. Dyrol Burleson challenges that title this week at Modesto. Turn to page 10.

Photographs by Jerry Cooke and Jon Brenneis














Next week

•The warm story of Red Schoendienst's gallant battle against tuberculosis, a battle the second baseman would prefer to have people forget, is detailed by James Murray.

•Joining in the long and bitter naval battle between Pacific catamaran sailors and conservative yachtsmen in the West, Carleton Mitchell gives the nod to the cats.

•Coles Phinizy discovers that while a duck may not be somebody's mother, some serious young scientists are trying hard to serve as mothers to a vast brood of ducklings.