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MEMO from the publisher

In the words ofCicero, "Nothing is harder to find than perfection," and in the wordsof Dante, "The more a thing is perfect, the more it feelspleasure."

Our editors mayhave had some such ancient wisdom in mind when they began the series ofinstructional articles which has been a continuing feature of SPORTSILLUSTRATED. They knew, of course, that mortals are unlikely to achieveabsolute perfection in any endeavor. But they also knew that, in sport, masteryof the finer points is essential to the participant who would increase his joyin participation and to the spectator who would enhance his pleasure inwatching. It was for the seeker of perfection, both as doer and watcher, thatthey devised the series, which has ranged from How to Watch Football (SI, Sept.21) to The Art of Wet-fly Fishing (March 28, et seq.). Now the articles, sportby sport, are to be gathered between the hard covers of separate volumes which,all together, will constitute The SPORTS ILLUSTRATED Library. Published by J.B. Lippincott Company under the supervision of our editors, the Library, likethe articles from which it derives, will combine the best experience of expertsin their special fields with the best illustrations of leading sports artists.The first one, Sports Illustrated Book of Baseball ($2.75), was published thisweek. Other volumes, already in advanced stages of preparation and scheduledfor publication later this year, include Small Boat Sailing, Dog Training,Horseback Riding, Football, Skiing and Tennis.

Among sport'sseekers of perfection—and somewhere between the doers and the watchers—are ourhigh school and college coaches, hundreds of whom will be seeking it at theannual coaching clinic at Kutsher's Country Club in Monticello, N.Y. from June20 through 23. This year SPORTS ILLUSTRATED joins A. G. Spalding & Bros. asco-sponsor of the event, which concentrates on football and basketball. Thefaculty includes Oklahoma's Bud Wilkinson, Washington's Jim Owens and Purdue'sJack Mollenkopf in football; California's (and the Olympic team's) Pete Newell,Navy's Ben Carnevale and the Celtics' Bill Sharman in basketball.

The curriculum ishard to match but the tuition is free. Coaches wishing information may write toStaff Writer Mervin Hyman, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, Time & Life Building,Rockefeller Center, New York 20, N.Y.