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THE QUESTION: Who will win the second Patterson-Johansson fight?

Former heavyweight champion
Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
I really hate to predict a winner. I never have, not even in my own rights because you look so bad when you're wrong. With this as a premise and the understanding of all those who read my answer, I'll say Johansson should win. He's a better fighter, and he is strong enough to knock Patterson out again.

Former heavyweight champion
Los Angeles
I picked Johansson in the first fight, but I'm switching to Patterson. That's because he's serious while Johansson has been banqueting too much. He didn't start serious training until the middle of April, a short two months before the fight. Patterson has had six months of hard, lonely work. It's going to pay off.

Former heavyweight champion
Stamford, Conn.
Johansson. Patterson is completely inadequate and, in my opinion, does not deserve the return match. He won't do any better than he did the last time for several reasons. Because of his size, Patterson's resistance to heavy blows won't be any better. And certainly his psychological approach to the fight can be no better.

Editor and publisher
The Ring magazine
New York City
Johansson proved that he has a murderous right hand, but he showed little more of the assets that a great champion should have. If he gives up his nightclubbing, he should repeat. If he doesn't, it may cost him his title because I look for Patterson to engage in an entirely different style of fighting.

Former heavyweight champion
Santa Monica, Calif.
Like horses, track performers and football teams, you judge fighters by past performance. On the record, Johansson should win by a knockdown. That's the only way he can win because he cannot box and win on points. Patterson will box instead of mixing with Ingemar, thus giving Floyd a chance to win on points.

Archie Moore's manager and onetime manager of Jack Dempsey
Johansson. He's a real heavyweight and a good puncher. He showed he was aggressive and confident. On the other hand, Patterson fought all covered up, as if he were afraid. He didn't walk out like a champion should. He reminds me of Billy Conn, and he really belongs in the light heavyweight division.