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10 Double M for Murder
The Yankees are winning again, due largely to the hitting of Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle

14 Lucky Day at Le Mans
Over a slick track, Belgium's Paul Frere and Olivier Gendebien won France's 24-hour classic

16 Hat Trick for 'Finisterre'
Carleton Mitchell tells the story of Finisterre's third straight victory in the Bermuda race

20 Hazards at Pebble Beach
Riders tackle the hills and jumps at the three-day Olympic equestrian trials in California

26 The Secret of My Diet
Archie Moore at last reveals how he makes all weights yet keeps a champion's strength

30 Summertime: Wyoming Division
Dude ranch life for eastern youngsters in the Jackson Hole country—a spectacle in color

36 Over the Hurdles to Rome
The AAU track and field championships were the last big meet before the Olympic trials

54 Bill Veeck: Master of Illusion
The colorful and controversial White Sox president poses for a remarkable word portrait

The departments

5 Coming Events
6 Scorecard
8 Editorial
36 Track
40 Food
42 Boxing
45 Fitness
46 Horse Racing
48 Motor Sports
51 Charles Goren
52 Shooting
61 For the Record
62 Baseball's Week
63 19th Hole
64 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 61

Cover: Comiskey Park

The fanfare of fireworks on this week's cover is not just a Fourth of July affair, but part of Bill Veeck's master plan for keeping baseball a joyous illusion. For the fire behind the firecracker, see page 54.

Photograph by Art Shay














Next week

•In California, 250 of the country's sharpest and best-trained track and field athletes will compete for final places on the U.S. Olympic team. A report by Tex Maule.

•In 1947 Jake LaMotta threw a fight with Billy Fox, now in a mental hospital. Fox, in his own words, tells of the promise of his life, the fix and the ruin which it brought.

•When he is not winning races (see page 16), Carleton Mitchell likes cruising. He reports on a dreamlike voyage through the seldom-visited islands around Tahiti.