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Cynthia Odom, 17-month-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Odom of Winter Haven, Fla. who swam in family bathtub at 8 months, now dives and swims underwater as one of The Water Babies at Cypress Gardens, Fla., is regarded as best in group.

Bill Park, Coast Guard Academy June graduate, skippered one of two academy boats that combined to win National Collegiate Sailing Championships at Detroit's Crescent Sail Yacht Club, posted highest academy individual score with 103 points.

Marilyn Montgomery of San Antonio took triple crown in Texas sectional tennis at Abilene when she won women's singles, teamed with Virginia Brown of Fort Worth, Jimmy Moses of San Antonio for women's doubles, mixed doubles titles.

Tom Sullivan, of St. George High School in Evanston, Ill., who had already set a national half-mile record for high school juniors at 1:53.1 earlier this season, ran the mile in 4:11.5, another junior record, in Central AAU meet at Chicago's Stagg Field.

Armin Hary, 23, West German sales clerk, ran 100 meters in 10 seconds flat in international meet at Zurich to beat world mark of 0:10.1, obligingly repeated feat a half hour later when officials refused to believe stop watches the first time.

Jack Creel JR., a crew-cut Houston high school student with a 4.68 scholastic average, won the city junior golf championship, learned afterward he had also received the $4,000 college scholarship awarded annually by the Houston Golf Association.