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'If we ever get bored...'

Not content with the usual intricacies of water skiing, John and Judy Rosch of Winter Haven, Fla. have added a refinement: they skim over the waves without skis (see above). Moreover, they make it sound as simple as they make it look. All you do, the Rosches say, is start with one foot on a freeboard. When the boat gets up to 35 mph, put your weight on your other foot and let the board spin away. Then brace yourself for a breathless, barefoot ride.

John Rosch taught himself the routine several years ago, taught Judy after their marriage last year. Since then, the young couple has been water skiing professionally at Cypress Gardens, Fla. Neither of the Rosches can imagine tiring of the sport. "If we ever get bored," Judy says, "Johnny can try carrying me on his shoulders."

Next month Judy will compete in slalom, John in jumping at the national water skiing tournament in Minneapolis. John consistently jumps 140 feet, is rated a strong contender for the title. In the nationals they'll both go old-fashioned and wear skis.