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'The gamble paid off'

These relaxed young sailors have reason for their smiles: they have just won the schoolboy sailing championship of the U.S. Individually, they are Mark Foster, alternate EricMueller, Skipper Nicholas Kip and John Weidenhammer. Collectively, they comprise the Phillips Andover Academy crew, victor over second-place Gunnery, third-place Deerfield and Williston and 21 other private-school crews in the 25th annual Interscholastic Yacht Regatta, sailed over Manhasset Bay, L.I.

The three-day competition was for the cup offered by Clifford Mallory in the 1930s as a stimulus to schoolboy racing. Andover was a preregatta favorite but, with a third and a seventh in the first two championship races, had to have a first in the third and final race to win.

Skipper Kip and his crew took a long chance. They posted their Manhasset Bay One-Design sloop on the end of the starting line closest to shore, hoping that stronger breezes there would compensate for greater sailing distance. They did, and Andover won the title by a quarter of a point. "We decided to gamble," Kip grinned, "and the gamble paid off."