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MEMO from the publisher

The Olympic games, the greatest of all sports events, are hardly more than a month away. They call for preparations—of many kinds and by many people. For the U.S. Olympic Committee the preparations are both logistical and expensive. For the editors of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED the job, of course, is to keep our readers informed. It started many weeks ago, and it will continue until the Olympic flag is raised. The best preparations include also a review of what has happened in the past. To reduce this historical problem to its simplest terms, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED has again compiled an Olympic Fact Wheel. At a spin it discloses the records and the record holders in swimming and track and field, the winners in the last Olympics and a notable bonus of other information.

I'll be glad to send you one. It costs a dollar—and the dollar (all of it) goes to the U.S. Olympic Fund, which can use it well. For among the thousands from America who will be in Rome next month are more than 425 members of the U.S. Olympic team.