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MEMO from the publisher

Food has been a sporting proposition to this magazine since the very beginning. In our September 12, 1955 issue, for instance, Joan Flynn Dreyspool visited the home of Bud Wilkinson, the great Oklahoma coach. There she learned that one of the many problems of a good coach's good wife is not only feeding the coach properly but being prepared at all times for an enthusiastic aftergame invasion of a hundred or more grateful collegians. Mrs. Dreyspool revealed in print Mrs. Wilkinson's solution, which is now famous on the campus of the University of Oklahoma. It is a hot hors d'oeuvre dip called chili con queso, and here's how you can make it for a hundred hungry invaders:

3 pounds processed American cheese
1 pound processed Cheddar cheese
2 medium onions, finely chopped
8 cloves of garlic, crushed
2 No 2 cans of tomatoes
3 to 4 small cans of hot green peppers, chopped
2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce

Melt cheese in double boiler. Add other ingredients and cook until well blended (about 30 minutes). Serve hot in chafing dish with corn chips as dip.

I recall this tasty incident because you will find on page 76 of this issue the story of a book, Gridiron Cookery, that grew out of the kitchens of 178 college football coaches' wives. Its author (with Aileen Brothers) is Frances Daugherty, the wife of Duffy Daugherty, celebrated coach of the Michigan State Spartans. Her problems are the same as Mary Wilkinson's. The recipes in her book were gathered from coaches' wives who must face each fall some exceptional challenges to their skill and skillet. On page 5 of Gridiron Cookery you will find Mary Wilkinson's savory chili con queso.

Many good things grow out of the pages of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. TWO other items are currently delighting the eye, ear and mind. One is a series of full-color, big-screen short moving pictures produced by Paramount, titled simply Sports Illustrated. Now on view in your movie houses is one on fishing in the Florida Keys and another on Thoroughbred horse racing. A third will be coming out of the cutting room soon.

Also stepping before the public again from the pages of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED is Charles H. Goren, our bridge expert. He can be seen, starting October 16, on almost all ABC television network stations every Sunday afternoon conducting Championship Bridge.