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Jane Paige, blonde, blue-eyed Wellesley sophomore who finished third from last in 1959, outsailed 18 male competitors over 5-mile course to bring Hotel home first in singlehanded International class race held at Larchmont (N.Y.) Yacht Club.

William Lombardy, 22-year-old Bronx student and fervent Yankee fan, former world junior chess champion with a calm, steady style of play, was one of four men raised to rank of International Grand Master at chess convention in Leipzig, East Germany.

Sergeant Jack Laxson of the Army, former Fort Ord, Calif. golf pro now stationed in Heidelberg, Germany, shot a three-under-par 285 to edge Marine Phil Rodgers, defending champion, for first place in annual Interservice tournament held at Fort Ord.

Carola Behrens of Caracas, Venezuela, mother of four and wife of an international golfer, rode Mi-Tipo to the best two-round score, led her team to a Prix des Nations jumping victory over U.S., Ireland, Canada and Mexico at Harrisburg horse show.

Rex White, 5-foot-4-inch Spartanburg, S.C. "stoker" (driver who waits for leaders to fade), finished sixth in National 400 stock car race, boosted point total to 19,316 to clinch NASCAR Grand National title without winning any of eight most important races.

Bill Baer, railway detective from Huron, S. Dak., using his own barrel chest as a sounding board, tooted past 25 competitors, scored 278¼ of a possible 300 points to capture his second world goose-calling championship at Missouri Valley, Iowa.