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Guys and Dolls Among the Ivy

A football weekend at a men's college is a thoroughly tested, thoroughly proved combination of minor athletic events (cross-country), the Big Game, imported dates, dances in the student union, candlelight dinners, campus walks and, importantly and inevitably, a good deal of snuggling and guzzling in fraternity houses. Last week, playing in strict accordance with these rules, the men of Massachusetts' little Williams College held their annual Fall Houseparties Weekend. Everyone had a predictably good time and—also as predicted—Williams lost the game to Tufts.

One of 700 dates invited for weekend, Deborah Rossiter, a Boston nursing student, sports a gay Williams College scarf as she watches Tufts win 10-9.

Shadows and walks crisscross to make striking pattern on Williams' leafy campus as two couples head for the stadium after pregame lunch.

Incomplete passes, like the one above, contributed to Williams' defeat by Tufts, which is currently favored to win the Lambert Cup. But narrow margin of Tufts victory left partisans of both teams happy.

Mother's love is young conqueror's reward at the end of the game (right), as Mrs. Milton MacDonald of New Bedford, Mass. salutes her son Duncan, a burly Tufts fullback.

Weary runners on Williams cross-country team slump in utter exhaustion on fence rail after winning first five places in race. Rick Ash, prone on rail, has suffered a leg cramp.

Two by two, Williams men and their dates paired off at odd moments during the weekend, some to play pool in Baxter Hall, the student union (above), some to dance at the Alpha Delta Phi-Kappa Alpha fraternity party (below) and still others (albeit few) to seek intellectual stimulation in the Nixon-Kennedy debate on television.

All alone (but not for long) at a fraternity house window, Sue Kunzelmann, who is still a schoolgirl at Connecticut's West-over, contemplates the new and wonderful world of college men.