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Mosquito commodore

Ask anyone along the Charleston, S.C. waterfront who is the top fisherman thereabouts and he'll likely tell you it's Arthur Wright, commodore of the "mosquito fleet," that picturesque band of fishermen immortalized in Porgy and Bess. At 60, he has been fishing out of Charleston for nearly half a century, and, as shown above, he still knows where to find the big ones—in this case, a 400-pound sand shark. "I don't make much money," says Wright, "but I have a good life."

Wright probably knows the tricky local currents better than any man alive, and his angling has even furthered the cause of marine biology. Several years ago he pulled out of the depths a squirming creature only 10 inches long which was identified by scientists as one of the largest specimens ever seen of the tiny, cannibalistic sargassum fish.

"I never know what I'll find," says Commodore Wright, "but I know there's nothing dull about fishing."