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Sports Illustrated presents a guide to Midwest ski resorts which have added facilities since last year. New trails are followed by their length-drop; new lifts by their length/rise/capacity (skiers per hour). In addition, the guide lists the person and phone number to call for further information during the season.


Au Sable Ranch, Gaylord: Pomalift 900/180/850. Tel. Jerry Fairbanks, Gaylord 1-9720.

Boyne Mt., Boyne Falls: Heron double chair lift 1,600/350/800 opens up carefully groomed beginners' slope; second Heron double chair 2,350/500/1,000 along with original chair lift should end long lift lines; artificial ice skating rink; 18-man ski school directed by Stein Eriksen. Tel. Charles Moll, Boyne Falls 20.

Caberfae, Cadillac: Two Doppelmayr T bars, 1,560/235/900 and 1,250/200/888; old chair lift removed; new slope 1,250/200; lounge remodeled. Tel. Fred Bocks, Cadillac, Prospect 5-2679.

Indianhead Mt., Bessemer: Two rope tows with total length and vertical rise of 2,600/500; new snow bowl between upper half of Voyager's Highway and Ojibway; lodge, at parking lot entrance, with restaurant, overnight rooms to be completed later this season. Tel. Jack B. English, Wakefield 2-1311.

Nub's Nob, Harbor Springs: Pomalift 1,700/265/900 on new intermediate slope; Pomalift 1,000/200/1,000 added to beginners' slope; enclosed swimming pool 75 feet by 25 feet; ski shop; snack bar; old ski shop remodeled into men's bunkhouse for budget accommodations; parking lot enlarged. Tel. Norman Marshall, Harbor Springs 423.

Mt. Frederick, Waters: Three Doppelmayr T bars, each 1,000/200/500; three rope tows two 1,000/150, one 1,000/200 and three new trails; parking lot for 500 cars. Tel. Al Almon, Gaylord 1-2600.

Sylvan Knob, Gaylord: Pomalift 1,100/180/1,000. Tel. Lyn Mead, Gaylord 1-2511.

Mt. Holly, Holly: Hall double chair lift 1,000/175/1,000. Tel. Morton Craddis, Holly, Melrose 4-9381.


Lookout Mt., Virginia: Three new trails, ski-school practice slope 600/100, intermediate 2,200/150, expert 1,500/300; unloading platforms on double chair lift improved; parking for 100 cars; eight-man ski school directed by Don Schwartz. Tel. Don Schwartz, Virginia, Sherwood 9-1510.

Powder Ridge, Kimball: New Hall T bar 1,250/200/1,200; Larchmont Sno-machine to provide artificial snow on two new slopes; building enlarged; ski shop; parking lot increased to 1,000-car capacity. Tel. James Holes, Kimball, Express 8-5295.


Mt. Telemark, Cable: Two Hall T bars, 1,500/250/1,000 on Stormoen, 1,248/248/1,000 on Tapley; two open slopes graded and contoured; parking lot for 2,000 cars adjacent to chalet. Tel. Tony Wise, Hay ward 15.

Rib Mt., Wausau: 3,000-foots lope called Duskey Bowl with 590-foot vertical drop; Larchmont Sno-making equipment expanded to provide complete coverage on main upper slopes. Tel. Delmar Drumm, Wausau 2-1011.

White Cap Mt., Hurley: New 400-acre area designed by Otto Schniebs, with six trails, novice to expert, ranging in length from 1,800 feet to 3,000 feet; maximum vertical drop 350; two Hall T bars, one 1,550/350/4,000, the other 1,650/350/4,000; 2½-story chalet at base of main slope with restaurant, first aid, ski shop, apparel shop, club room, observation balcony; warming hut; eight-acre parking lot; ice skating. Tel. World Wide Travel Agency, Ironwood, Mich., 2070.


Blue Mt. Winter Park, Collingwood: Enlarged to 1,000 acres; novice area added; three large cafeterias; parents can leave small children at Kiddyland Winter Park, where under-10-year-olds can ski and skate under expert supervision ($1 a day including lifts). Tel. George Hendrickson, Collingwood 1737.

Peterborough Ski Club, O'Brien Heights: Hall T bar, 1,700/300/600. Tel. Al Osborne, Peterborough, Riverside 2-2062.

Sault Ski club, Sault Ste. Marie: New J Bar 700/300/800. Tel. Karl Martitisch, Sault Ste. Marie, Algoma 3-4414.

Search Mount Valley, 28 miles north of Sault Ste. Marie: New T bar 1,200/800/800 lifts skiers up to six new trails. Tel. Karl Martitisch, Sault Ste. Marie, Algoma 3-4414.

Fort William Ski Club, Fort William: Poma double chair lift 1,450/320/950. Tel. Chamber of Commerce, Fort William, Mayfair 2-9643.


Following are some of the top resorts in the East and West which have added new facilities.

Arapahoe Basin, Dillon, Colo.: Poma double chair lift 3,200/710/850 opens intermediate trails; new lodge for 150 skiers due to open in February, includes ski shop and dormitories. Tel. Joe Jankowski, via Idaho Springs, Arapahoe Basin 2.

Aspen Highlands, Aspen, Colo: Single chair lift 330/40/180 in front of lodge, for beginners; parking lot enlarged to 1,000 car capacity. Tel. Whipple V. N. Jones, Aspen, Walnut 5-7032.

Black Mt., Jackson, N.H.: Mueller T bar 1,150/250/800; two trails, each 2,640/250, and 3-acre open slope. Tel. Holland Whitney, Jackson, Evergreen 3-4490.

Heavenly Valley, South Tahoe, Calif.: Heron double chair lift 4,150/750/750 takes skier up to 9,000 feet; extensive clearing of trees to widen trails leading from top of new lift; warming hut and lodge enlarged, sundecks added; warming shelter at top of new lift; parking lot increased to 2,000. Tel. Chris Kuriasa, South Tahoe, Kimball 4-3548.

Hunter Mt., Hunter, N.Y.: Poma-Savio double chair lift 5,300/1,600/950 serves two expert trails, 2,640/550 and 3,960/550, two intermediate trails 3,960/600 plus two other intermediate trails 2,640/450; novice slope with rope tow; lodge expanded; access road to base of lift paved. Tel. Jim Hammerstein, Hunter 4651.

Jay Peak, North Troy, Vt.: Mueller double chair 5,992/1,650/840 opens two trails, two miles and four miles, each with drop of 1,650 feet; parking capacity increased to 600 cars. Tel. Walter Foeger, North Troy, Yukon 8-2511.

June Mt., June Lake, Calif.; New area; Riblet chair lift 3,000/1,050/1,300; Doppelmayr T bar 4,000/650/900 rises from top of chair to beginner and intermediate areas in upper bowl; second Doppelmayr T bar 800/260/450 from top of chair to expert slopes; expert trail 2,800/1,250; intermediate and beginner trail 4,000/650; parking lot with capacity for 400 cars; warming hut at foot of chair lift, and two-story chalet at top with restaurant for 190; ski shop, store. Ski school headed by Pino Lela and Ed Reiley, both formerly of Mammoth Mt. staff. Jane and Maynard Jenkins, managers. Tel. Lee Vining 7541.

Killington Basin, Sherburne, Vt.: C-Savio double chair 6,300/1,700/750; three trails, two expert 2,640/600 and 3,960/800, one novice 2,640/700; temporary shelter built at top of chair lift; parking lot enlarged to 700-car capacity. Tel. Preston Leete Smith, Orchard 2-2703.

Loveland Basin, Loveland Pass, Colo.: T bar 2,300/600/1,000 opens upper half of basin to intermediate skiing; $45,000 addition to lodge-restaurant. Tel. Gordon Wren, Idaho Springs, Loveland Pass Ski Area 3.

Mount Mansfield, Stowe, Vt.: Riblet double chair 6,400/2,050/950 parallels existing single chair; five new trails, including two expert, both 7,920/2,050 and two intermediate, one 7,920/2,050, the other 10,560/2,050; Octogon at top of lifts enlarged. Tel. Sepp Ruschp, Stowe, Alpine 3-7311.

Mount Snow, West Dover, Vt.: Two C-Savio double chairs 7,400/1,625/900 and 2,500/400/1,000; lodge at base of new lift with 500-car parking lot; regular parking lot enlarged. Tel. Win Lauder, Wilmington, Homestead 4-3333.

Mount Sutton, Sutton, Que.: New 2,300-acre area 63 miles from Montreal and Burlington, Vt. Elevation at top of mountain is 3,175 feet; Mueller double chair 4,000/1,100/700, plus Mueller T bar 1,500/300/800, serves three novice-intermediate trails, each one mile long. Alpine chalet houses restaurant, ski shop, baby-sitting service, clinic; warming hut on summit; 800-car parking lot. Jean Lessard, ski school director. Tel. Real Belanger, Sutton 363.

Mont Tremblant, St. Jovite, Que.: Constam T bar 4,100/1,100/900 parallels south chair lift from lodge to top of Flying Mile; ski shop enlarged. Tel. Ernie McCulloch, Mont. Tremblant 42 52711.

Redstone, Redstone, Colo.: New area in Crystal River Valley at 7,250-foot elevation; T bar 1,000/170/800 serves 20-acre slope; warming hut at base of T bar; Redstone Lodge half mile away, improved to accommodate 100 skiers, includes dining rooms, cocktail lounge, snack bar, ski shop; enclosed swimming pool, ice skating on nearby lake; ski school run by Phil Clark and Tap Tapley. Doyle Graham, manager. Tel. Redstone, Woodland 3-2526.

Sugarbush, Warren, Vt.: C-Savio double chair 3,500/1,200/700; three new trails, intermediate 4,000/1,200, advanced 3,500/1,200 and novice 5,000/1,200; base lodge expanded. Tel. Jack Murphy, Waitsfield 50.


NUB'S NOB in Michigan added two new Pomalifts and an enclosed swimming pool.


LOOKOUT MT. in Minnesota cut three trails, including beginners' practice slope.