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16 The Dutchman Had a Feeling
Norm Van Brocklin ran the show for the Philadelphia Eagle offense—and he beat New York

20 The Big Race Moves West
Stirling Moss and Jack Brabham put on a Hollywood show as Grand Prix racing came to California

25 Who's Your Sportsman?
An ingenious new approach to Christmas shopping helps you find the fitting gift

36 Army, Navy and Joe Bellino
A fleet, chunky halfback holds the balance of power in the classic game of the football season

48 Ears for New Heroes
While Ordó√±ez and Dominguín feud, a group of young matadors has captured bullfight fancy

60 Fiber Glass Goes to Sea
Carleton Mitchell assesses the successful invasion of plastics in the domain of big boats

66 Victory with a Smile
New York led almost to the end, but Los Angeles rallied and won the intercity bridge match again

74 The Reluctant All-Star
He was no athlete, he was a dancer; he didn't know football, but he wound up an Army star

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6 Scorecard
12 Editorials
15 Coming Events
45 College Football
54 Track
60 Boating
66 Charles Goren
81 For the Record
82 19th Hole
84 Pat on the Back

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Next week

Eight pages of powerful color photographs by John G. Zimmerman reveal the critical action in the first two seconds of a horse race—the vital break from the starting gate.

Willy Schaeffler, director of ski events in the last Olympics, points out the essential key to successful shortswing technique for the recreational skier, be he novice or expert.

Golf's most durable and colorful pro, Sam Snead, is captured for the first time as he really is, off the course as well as on, in the first of two lively articles by Gerald Holland.