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In a new approach to Christmas, entertainers pose as familiar sporting types, with gifts they'd like to see under the tree. Type your man, and pick the gift that suits him

Jonathan Winters, connoisseur, egghead, indoor sport, enjoys a hearty round of billiards, a game of chess, is fascinated by chuck-a-luck and the laws of chance, keeps fit with food supplements and Indian clubs. An abacus, a meerschaum, a wheel of Stilton or an antique astrolabe would suit him just fine.

Bob Elliott and Ray Goulding, the Bob and Ray of radio, the Bert and Harry of Piel Brothers fame, have a box at the stadium, an eye on TV or binoculars, an ear to a transistor. No matter how the race is run, come rain or snow, they're watching. Something rah-rah, please, for Christmas, like a Nikon reflex with zoom lens, the Olympics on film or a pair of insulated stadium boots.

Jack Carter, nightclub and television comedian, souped up and hi-fied on the stripped-down chassis of a formula junior DKW Scorpion, would rather get there first, whether on a collapsible and portable motor scooter, in front of 80 marine horses, behind a propeller or in a skin-diver's dream of a two-man submarine. He likes the sound, not the music. And to hell with the score—what's the time?

Tom Poston, polo player and squash racqueteer, collects nonobjective paintings, rides to hounds, breeds ocelots, belongs. Among many highly visible evidences of his status is the poolside or gameside company of Miss Jane Mason (who plays his girl friend in the new Broadway musical comedy, The Conquering Hero), His tastes lean to Vuitton luggage, Allais skis, H. Upmann cigars, if you don't mind.

William Bendix, one man against all outdoors, balloons into the wilds for a bit of hunting, spelunking and rapids-shooting. A red flannel shirt, a reflector oven, hip-length waders, a portable rubber boat, a handmade bamboo rod (he ties his own dry flies, of course) all appeal to his admiration for the primeval and the true. Mountains? We all know why he climbs them.

The 227 items pictured on pages 25 to 30 are all listed below. To locate them, start with the sportsman in the picture, then move generally counterclockwise around the page

Jonathan Winters holds clipper ship model ($44.50, Polk's Hobby Shop). Antique chuck-a-luck game ($65) is from Juergens Antiques. Churchwarden pipe ($22.50, Alfred Dunhill). Cavalier brier pipe ($18.50, Dun-hill). Antique brass mapmaking plotter ($85, Juergens). Alabaster chessmen (with board, $65, B. Altman). Model of first steam engine ($250, Juergens). Apothecary jar (for wheat germ, $2.75, B. Altman). Merriam-Webster's New International unabridged dictionary ($39.50). Set of dominoes ($18.50, Abercrombie & Fitch). Abacus ($10, Dennison's). Cribbage set, of tooled red leather in form of two bound-leather volumes ($300, Dunhill). Books: Model Railroads and Steam Locomotives ($20) and Early Motor Cars, from 1904-1915 ($20, both Polk's); Strutt's Sports & Pastimes, published in England in 1810 ($7.50, Juergens). Fifth-century Japanese haniwa pottery horse ($6,500, Carlebach Gallery). Indian clubs ($6 pair, General Sportcraft). Unitron telescope, for 4-powered moon-gazing ($125, Hammacher Schlemmer). On billiard table: Stilton cheese; Dansk knife ($3); wineglass ($20 dozen, all B. Altman); billard ball ($1.85) and maple-shaft cue ($3.75, both Brunswick, Balke & Collender); French steel-handled epee ($11.30) and fencing mask ($7.50, both Alex Taylor); maraschino liqueur; checkerboard tray ($27.50, Dunhill); 18th-century miniature suit of German armor ($450, Robert Abels); draftsman table with counterbalanced top ($99.25, Sam Flax); hydrographic charts of U.S. waters (U.S. Navy Hydrographic Office, Washington, D.C., from 50¢); wood mosaic eagle by Emile Norman ($3,000, Feingarten Galleries); 19th-century astronomical teaching device (George Karger). Mr. Winters' smoking jacket of Belgian brocaded tapestry ($70), an ascot-collared shirt ($20) and brown velvet pants ($25, all by RFD 1). Tapestry slippers ($25) are by Capezio.

THE WATCHER, page 26
For the enjoyment of Messrs. Bob and Ray, at lower left: record of National Football League Marching Songs (RCA, $4 in monaural, $5 in stereo.) Britannia metal flask with shot cup in center ($12, Hoffritz for Cutlery); two-cup brass coffee set with heating coil ($5, Hoffritz); windproof lighter by Zippo ($4); Jon-E hand warmer ($5, Hammacher Schlemmer); shooting stick ($9.50, General Sportcraft); wicker picnic basket with three Thermos bottles, settings for six ($80, Mark Cross); Fairchild Cine-phonic speaker for sound movies; 1,200-foot reels of double-play recording tape ($5.45 each, Agfa); eight-day ship's-bell clock ($50) with matching barometer ($30, Hoffritz); sports films for sale or rental at Willoughby or Peerless Camera Stores; brass dinner bell ($1.55, L. L. Bean); two-speed Portacorder tape recorder ($170, Liberty Music Shops); Thermo-Ply insulated 12-inch boots (Red Ball, $19); Binomaster adapter kit for fitting binoculars to reflex cameras ($22) and 3.5F Rolleiflex with coupled exposure meter ($269.45, Peerless); prism glasses for watching TV while lying down ($17.50, E. B. Meyrowitz); 17-inch-high wool socks ($2.45, L. L. Bean); Zenith transistor shortwave portable radio ($275, Liberty); 16-rib clear plastic spectating umbrella ($11, Bradford); alma-mater pennants ($2); 20-gallon aquarium (tank $16; stocked, as here, $115; Aquarium Stock Co.); hand-painted beer glass with horse and rider ($5, Abercrombie & Fitch); 3-by-4-inch pocket alarm-clock radio ($65, Minivox); Emerson Wondergram transistor record player ($68.80, Liberty); tiger mascot by Steiff($22.50, F.A.O. Schwarz).On stand (left to right): Nikon telephoto zoom lens ($595), and Nikon F reflex camera ($220, Peerless); giant chrysanthemums; plaid wool stadium blanket ($45, Abercrombie & Fitch); 8-mm. Cinephonic sound movie projector with speaker and microphone ($259, Fairchild); film splicer ($15, Agfa); Zoom 8 reflex automatic movie camera, $189.50, Eastman Kodak Co.); Binomaster 7x50 binoculars for attaching to reflex camera ($48, Peerless); 7x50 Hensoldt binoculars with roof prism ($188.10, Abercrombie & Fitch); Milo 7x50 binoculars, wide-angle lens ($33, Hoffritz); Astronar 6x30 monocular lens for attaching to reflex camera ($49.50, Peerless); Minox camera ($150, Willoughby); Zoom 8 automatic movie camera, model 2 ($139.50, Eastman Kodak Co.); Bell & Howell zoom-lens movie camera ($210, Willoughby). Behind Elliott: a 40-by-40-inch movie screen ($10, Willoughby); brass Indian taxi horn ($18, Mark Cross); 30-inch megaphone ($6.25, Alex Taylor); French-made collapsible cobweb chair ($28, Hammacher Schlemmer); color TV console with remote control ($925, RCA); Cinephonic 8-mm. movie camera with sound and action synchronized, battery drive ($249, Fairchild); brass-and-aluminum hat rack ($250, Hammacher Schlemmer); hats for all sporting occasions (from Knox and Cavanagh). Ray Goulding is lounging in a chrome-steel and ebonized-wood chair with black fur cover by Le Corbusier ($925, LaVerne). He wears straw boater ($8.95, Knox), earmuffs ($1, B. Altman), a wetproof fisherman's trolling shirt with parka hood ($11, L. L. Bean), and four-buckle rubber gaiters ($12, U.S. Rubber); smokes an English brier Charaton pipe ($40, Mark Cross). Bob Elliott holds 10-rib nylon red-and-black golf umbrella ($11.50, General Sportcraft); and wears a Tyrolean velour hat ($20, Stetson); a six-foot school scarf ($5, B. Altman); a brown nutria double-breasted greatcoat ($1,500 with tax, Ben Kahn); and plastic Pak-A-Way rubber shoes ($3.50, U.S. Rubber).

Jack Carter sits on a Scorpion-DKW racing car (with body, $5,000, Heppenstall Automotive). Below him are Sonar electronic depth indicator ($139.50, Abercrombie & Fitch); eight different timing devices for sports cars (from $39.50 to $110 each, Heuer Timer Corp.); Airguide water-ski-to-boat intercom ($65, B. Altman); 80-horsepower Mercury 800 outboard motor ($1,061); Power Diver, for pulling skin-diver ($250, Bludworth Marine); Ampex portable tape recorder ($950, Sonocraft); Supercharger for Austin-Healey Sprite ($165, Judson Research); 12-volt Narco Mark VI omni aircraft navigation instrument ($950, Van Dusen Aircraft Supplies Co.); Joy-Ride folding motor scooter ($214.50, Hammacher Schlemmer); transistor pocket phone ($250 for pair, Globe Electronics, Hammacher Schlemmer); "Sputnik" barometer-thermometer-hygrometer ($25, Hoffritz); Cressi skin-diver's mask ($8, Health-ways); transistor walkie-talkie WE phones ($300, Abercrombie & Fitch); Concertone all-transistor tape recorder ($200, Sonocraft); antimagnetic Hanhart stop watch ($17.50, Hoffritz); Accutron electronic wristwatch ($175 to $395, Bulova); altimeter in brass case ($65, E. B. Meyrowitz); Alize high-pressure compressor for skin-divers ($475, U.S. Divers Co., Aqua-Lung Center); 26-piece socket-tool set (with case) for foreign cars ($32.95, Sears Roebuck); hinged-shaft Private-Pro practice golf club ($22, Abercrombie & Fitch); two-man, 18-foot fiber-glass submarine ($1,500, Health-ways); Champion deluxe Arbalete spear gun ($27.50, U.S. Divers Co.); Head ski poles ($24.50); Dwyer wind speed indicator with outdoor vane (on car) ($20, Hammacher Schlemmer); Kimball fiber-glass water skis ($60, Abercrombie & Fitch); English driving shoes (Les Leston of London); Lufft Barograph records barometric pressure for one week ($100, Abercrombie & Fitch); Sensenich aluminum propeller ($180, Van Dusen Aircraft); 15-inch hi-fi speaker ($80, Sonocraft); Robot Star II camera ($199) and Plexiglas underwater housing ($129, Karl Heitz); portable aviation oxygen unit (by Sky-Lyfe, $249.50, Van Dusen Aircraft). Jack Carter wears on his head an "Aqua-Vox" underwater diver-to-boat telephone ($250 complete, U.S. Divers); holds a helmet by Les Leston with a bubble shield ($8, Vilem B. Haan); and a Swing-rite practice golf club ($25, F. R. Tripler). His gloves and coveralls are from Les Leston, London.

Tastefully mounted on door to Tom Poston's horse's stall are squash racquet ($19.50, Feron's); 18th-century French dueling rapier ($150 pair, Robert Abels); shoe horn of copper and brass, with hunting horn on other end ($15, Dunhill); riding crop with pigskin cover ($2.95, Miller Harness Co.). Horse is a palomino; tied to stall is pet ocelot; mounted above, hand-carved 18th-century English royal coat of arms (George Karger). There follow handmade English riding boots ($52.50, Miller Harness Co.); oil painting, The High Man, by Elaine de Kooning ($2,500); Hanovia sun lamp ($159.95, Macy's); velvet hunt cap ($13.50, Miller Harness Co.); Allais-60 metal skis ($135, Sig Buchmayr); antique brass English coaching horn ($35, Juergens). G.E. Partio Cart is cookout wagon with electric surface burners and oven, charcoal barbecue pit, a removable umbrella ($750, Macy's); mounted male African lion's head ($70, Cypress Hills Taxidermy Studio); 24-inch Louis Vuitton suitcase ($205 plus tax, Saks Fifth Avenue); 19th-century French brass hunting horn (George Karger); 18th-century carved ivory Burmese chessmen ($750 the set, Carlebach Gallery); marbleized bowling ball with owner's initials extra ($28, AMF); imported Italian boccie ball and jack ($44 the set, General Sportcraft); assortment of 50 H. Upmann cigars ($41.50, Dunhill); antique silver ladies' muff pistol by Boutet ($150, Robert Abels); wicker wine basket ($1.95, M. Lehmann, Inc.); tennis sweater from England ($17.50, Feron's); 12-foot ocean-standard diving board of Douglas fir with polyester finish ($97, Ocean Pool Supply Co.). Jane's bathing suit is Helanca stretch nylon ($19, P & M); Picas Alcouer exerciser limbers any sportsman ($17, Abercrombie & Fitch). Wood-and-brass yacht cannon is model of 18th-century navy cannon ($125, Robert Abels); 8-inch plate has sports-car design ($4 each, Abercrombie & Fitch); S. S. Pierce canned roasted pheasant ($7.35, B. Altman); whole Scotch grouse in can ($5, B. Altman); bottle warmer is of badger fur ($5.50, Fur Flyers); 7¼ ounces of Strasbourg foie gras au naturel ($6.50, B. Altman); elephant's-foot waste-basket ($30, Juergens); rare wines and liquors are from M. Lehmann; 18th-century English china fox-mask stirrup cup (Ackermann Galleries); big-game fishing chair ($625, Abercrombie & Fitch); English cane polo mallet ($7.95, Miller Harness Co.); collapsible golf iron is Private-Pro practice device ($16.95, Abercrombie & Fitch); falcon and gauntlet from George Goodwin, from American Museum of Natural History. Tom Poston's blazer ($59.50, Chipp) has gold bullion crest on pocket. Polo helmet ($11.50, Miller Harness Co.).

THE PURIST, page 30
William Bendix's balloon basket is from Balloon Club of America, Swarthmore, Pa. New basket, with balloon, costs $4,000. Remington Wingmaster shotgun, model 870 ($89.45); 19th-century English powder horn ($125, Juergens Antiques); aluminum kettle and pails, part of complete camp cooking and eating kit ($11.10 the set, L. L. Bean); 12-inch insulated boot ($11.35, L. L. Bean); reflector baker ($7.45, L. L. Bean); kapok-filled, water-repellent duck bedroll ($31.85, L. L. Bean); handmade bamboo fluted hollow fly rod ($100, R.L. Winston); Surcouf 11-foot collapsible rubber boat ($150, American Clipper Corp.); Maine snowshoe ($19.50, L L Bean); Plymouth Goldline nylon climber's rope, 7/16-inch diameter, 120 feet long ($24.50, Camp and Trail Outfitters); buffalo-skinner hunting knife ($12.50, Hoffritz); capeskin hunting glove ($9.50, Abercrombie & Fitch); Aquatic snorkel ($1.50, U.S. Divers); Italian 12-point chrome mountaineer's crampons ($17.50 a pair, Camp and Trail); 18th-century flintlock tinder lighter ($85, Robert Abels); Austrian ice ax ($10.50, Camp and Trail). Swiss army knife has 11 functioning parts ($15, Hoffritz); fish knife has shot splitter, leader cutter, pliers, stone for sharpening hooks ($10, Hoffritz); hunting charm from Baluba tribe of Belgian Congo is of ivory ($230, Carlebach Gallery); red-leather hunting cap has moleskin-lined earflaps ($5.85, L. L. Bean). Winchester Model 94 repeating carbine ($82); rare presentation Henry military rifle ($1,675, Robert Abels); waist-high wading boots with insulated feet ($33.85, L. L. Bean). Titelite tent has aluminum frame, sleeps two ($89.50, Abercrombie & Fitch); woven-ash pack basket ($8.35, Abercrombie & Fitch); canteen with canvas cover ($3.50, Abercrombie & Fitch); wood and fiber-glass hunting bow ($47.50); arrows (12 for $19, Abercrombie & Fitch); plaid wool camping blanket ($13.35, L. L. Bean); aluminum omelet pan ($6.50, La Cuisiniere). Mr. Bendix wears a cave-explorer's cap, with battery lamp (Mine Safety Appliances Co.); has all-weather brier pipe ($10, F.R. Tripler); a red-and-black buffalo-plaid Maine guide shirt ($7.85, L. L. Bean); Safari-cloth hunting jacket ($35); and canvas-faced pants ($20, Willis and Geiger).