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Bobby Allen, junior at Miami's Jackson H.S., using plenty of body English, spun unsprung Xterminator kart through 100-lap race without a pit stop, averaged 31.374 mph to win Nassau's World Championship of Karts, packed off $5,000 and trophy.

Ann Hyde of Cape Elizabeth, Maine, physical education director at Waynflete School in Portland, cued horse Sycamore Bounce through shows in four northeast states and became the first Maine girl to win New England amateur five-gaited championship.

Baba Sy, semi-literate chauffeur from Dakar. Senegal who plays checkers just for fun, headed for Amsterdam, Holland with new suit and $700 from local enthusiasts, met 13 masters from 10 nations, finished strong second for the world checkers title.

Jackie Parker, ex-Mississippi State back now playing for Edmonton in Canada, scored 107 points, averaged 6.1 yards rushing and nine passing, caught 13 passes for 216 yards, became the first three-time winner of league's most-valuable-player award.

Homero Blancas, son of watchman on River Oaks course and a top man for University of Houston's NCAA golf champions, tied for lead with 285 over 72 holes, then birdied first hole of sudden-death playoff to defeat fine field for Texas State Open title.

Dave Soutar, 20, Detroit salesman and five-nights-a-week bowler, entered Detroit's All-Star Singles Classic, rolled five-game string of 280, 279, 268, 218 and 231 to average whopping 255, break Classic record of 1,274 total pins set last year by Roger Helle.