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Vacationists headed for the sun belt of the Americas this winter can take with them casual fashions that are as unabashed in color and native in derivation as those of the lands to which they travel. On the next four pages are examples photographed at New York's new Latin American restaurant, La Fonda del Sol (The Inn of the Sun). They are available at Lord & Taylor in New York and at Neiman-Marcus in Dallas and Houston

Window dressing for the season are a flame-orange and pink scarf-topped overblouse and pants of Siamese silk ($115, Tina Leser) and man's jacket of golden Arnel-cotton Oxford shirting ($25, Gordon-Ford). Bracelets are Van S. Authentics.

Brilliant south-of-the-border colors mark both a cover-up poncho ($9) with swimsuit ($17, Bill Atkinson for Glen of Michigan) and Painter Bernique Wallace's primitivist Mexican mural.

The gold of the sun-worshipping Incas inspired Alexander Girard's 11-foot sun sculpture, reflected in the sequins of year's most dazzling maillot ($89, Pembroke Squires for Cabana).

The latest for lazing: beach pajamas of riotous floral print, trumpet-shaped and slit to the knee ($35, Cabana), are shielded by a canopy of Ecuadorian embroidery and a crown of ceramic cherubs from Oaxaca. Sombreros, by Emme, are also favorites borrowed from the neighbors.