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Bright color, especially in citrus hues, is this year's fashion for resort wear

Long before President John F. Kennedy turned up the publicity heat in Palm Beach, that venerable resort was known as the place where men's fashion trends, particularly in sports clothes, were born. This season, the big Worth Avenue accent is on color with special emphasis on such citruslike hues as orange, lemon and lime. The President, as much a style-setter as his wife, endorsed the new trend by wearing lemon-yellow slacks while golfing at Seminole this winter.

One reason for Palm Beach's fashion pre-eminence is a glossy men's shop, with barber shop in the rear and fountained courtyard adjoining, called Schur's at 312 Worth Avenue. Schur's moneyed, style-conscious customers make the shop a club as well as a haberdashery. A big item here this season is a light, pinwale corduroy slacks, in such heretofore unseen corduroy-slacks colors as hot orange (above), yellow, pale pink, red, olive, lime and sky blue. They are pleatless, neatly tailored and popular for golf and for sparking up a navy blazer at cocktail time. They cost a reasonable $16.50. To wear with them, Schur's offers a group of box-cloth belts, with cinch buckles, in almost as many bright colors—red, blue, black, white, yellow and green. They cost $3.

Another handsome Schur specialty—particularly popular with the resort's golfers—is hand-knit, cabled socks. One style, cabled all around and in half-hose length, comes from Holland ($7.50). Among the many colors to choose from are navy, yellow and green. A really unique pair of socks from Schur's—with one cable down each side—is illustrated above. They are knit to order by an industrious lady from Fort Pierce, Fla. in any of 75 different colors, to your size, and either in half- or full-hose length. President Kennedy ordered them in powder-blue, yellow, gray and purple. They cost $10.50 and at present the lady takes four weeks to fill an order.

George Stinchfield of 210 Worth Avenue is another man responsible for Palm Beach's brightly dressed resorters. George goes North with the birds in late spring to his shops at Edgartown and Nantucket while Schur summers at Southampton. This fact may explain the subtle difference in the character of their merchandise—Stinchfield's features the New England-like madras to a greater extent than Schur's.

In addition to all the madras, batik jackets, trousers and shorts, Stinch-field is also known for his boutique finds. One good one this year is an authentic French naval-issue, mate-lot cotton-knit shirt from Marseille in blue-and-white or red-and-white stripes, boat-neck and all. It costs $7 and is illustrated on the preceding page. Stinchfield also imports (below) a long-sleeved golfer's wool-knit shirt, with three-button, pullover styling and Italian collar. It has vertical stripes and is available in either pale green, gray or blue ($17.50). It goes well with one of the best-selling slacks in Palm Beach—linen English-made Daks in a whole color-card list of colors. The model above, in Daks styling, has no pleats and a frontier pocket—fairly wild for the British but just right for the slim warm-weather resorter. The same linen slacks come with single pleats for gentlemen of more heft. Blue, brick, lemon, lime and natural are the big colors, and $30 is the price.

Other Stinchfield specialties are espadrilles of canvas duck—sturdier than most and available in yellow, orange, white, black, navy, green and red ($6).