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50 years of tenpins

Spare and spry Clem Bill of South Bend, Ind. has seen his bowling game slip in recent years, but he doesn't mind too much. At the age of 85, he figures a 125 average is more than respectable. Three decades ago Clem bowled regularly in the 180s, and at age 74 he rolled a 267 in a national tournament. But since he broke his knee in 1958 he admits his game hasn't been up to snuff. However, he insists, "I'm not the worst on the team; the captain's average is only 118 and he's not even half my age."

The team Clem refers to is that of Drewrys, a South Bend brewery; he rolls with it every Wednesday evening. Clem can't remember when he started bowling, but he thinks it was probably around 50 years ago. Next month he plans to participate, for the 15th consecutive year, in the Turner Bowling League's national tournament. And after that, how long will the outspoken oldster go on bowling? "Long as I'm able," says Clem Bill.