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In jackets inspired by the bright geometry of international yachting code flags, this yearns sailors can sport their own initials and be as easy to spot as a jockey in his silks. For more new color-struck boating clothes, turn the page

Alphabet jackets (the ones shown above are W, Y and Z) are available in all 26 letters. They are made by Mighty-Mac of Gloucester, Mass. of water-repellent, Scotchgard-finished Cone poplin; men's sizes cost $17, women's cost $15.

Slicker parkas (men's sizes $25, women's $20) have matching unlined pants ($14.50 and $13.50). They, like the alphabet jackets, are by Mighty-Mac and are available at D. H. Holmes, New Orleans; Arnold Leonard, Skokie, Illinois; Phelps-Terkel, Los Angeles.


Foul-weather gear, once as drab as a squall cloud, is now brightly hued as a fiber-glass hull and is made of new materials nearly as watertight. The parkas on the facing page are of a vinyl-coated nylon, terry-lined for comfort inside. In the sketch below are a parachute-weight-nylon parka of new high-visibility orange and a chrome-yellow inflatable jacket from England. The lady's parka comes in indigo or yellow and is of five-ounce weatherproof Gannex cloth. For sunnier sailing, there are a new stretchable terry-cloth orange parka and a new edition of an old favorite—British campaign shorts, now being made for American sailors.

British campaign shorts ($11, Bennett) and black wool sailing shirt ($15.50, Crow's Nest) are for fair cruising. Fair crew member wears new stretchable terry pullover ($11), white sailcloth bell-bottom trousers ($13, both by Ulla).

Orange parka, matching pants are Horcolite-coated nylon ($28, Hodgman). Oilcloth jacket ($39.50) has corduroy collar, inflating tube. It and lady's Gannex-cloth suit (parka $49.50, pants $35.50) are from British Sporting Goods.