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A Kentucky Derby quiz to test the ingenuity and add to the knowledge of the $2 bettor and the racing expert

? What stable has had the most Kentucky Derby winners?

•Calumet Farm has had seven winners in the Kentucky Derby: Whirlaway (1941), Pensive (1944), Citation (1948), Ponder (1949), Hill Gail (1952), Iron Liege (1957) and Tim Tarn (1958), all of which the stable bred. E. R. Bradley, who also raced under Idle Hour Stock Farm, comes next with four: Behave Yourself (1921), Bubbling Over (1926), Burgoo King (1932) and Brokers Tip (1933).

? What state has produced the most Derby winners?

•Kentucky, where 69 of the 86 winners were foaled. Tennessee is next with three.

? Have apprentice jockeys ever won the Derby?

•Yes, Ira Hanford on Bold Venture in 1936 and Bill Boland on Middleground in 1950 won as apprentices. Both horses were trained by Max Hirsch, and Bold Venture is the sire of Middleground.

? Has any other country besides the U.S. produced a Derby winner?

•Yes, England has produced two: Tomy Lee (1959) and Omar Khayyam (1917). Both were foaled in England. Tomy Lee was brought to this country as a weanling and Omar Khayyam as a yearling. Two other winners, Cavalcade (1934), Pensive (1944), are sons of mares who were bred to stallions in England but foaled in this country.

? How many gray horses have won the Derby?

•Only one, Determine in 1954. Bay horses have won 40 times, chestnuts 28, browns 13 and blacks 4.

? The Kentucky Derby is the most famous race in this country. Does the winner usually go on to be the best 3-year-old of the year?

•No. Since 1950 only two winners of the Kentucky Derby have been chosen as top 3-year-old of the year. These were Needles in 1956 and Tim Tarn in 1958. Of the other horses named best 3-year-old, four were second in the Derby, one fourth, one 11th, and three did not run in the classic.

? What is the greatest number of horses that have started in a Derby?

•Twenty-two in the 1928 Derby, which was won by Reigh Count.

? What trainers have had the most winners in the Derby?

•Ben A. Jones, who tops the list with six winners. His first was Lawrin in 1938, and then he joined forces with Calumet "Farm and trained Whirlaway, Pensive, Citation, Ponder and Hill Gail for them. Calumet's last two winners, Iron Liege and Tim Tarn, were trained by Ben Jones's son Jimmy. H. J. Thompson is second with four winners, all owned by E. R. Bradley. They were Behave Yourself, Bubbling Over, Burgoo King and Brokers Tip. James Fitzsimmons and Max Hirsch have both had three winners.

? What jockeys have won the most Derbies?

•Eddie Arcaro has won five Derbies. His mounts were Lawrin (1938), Whirlaway (1941), Hoop Jr. (1945), Citation (1948) and Hill Gail (1952). Isaac Murphy and Earle Sande have had three winners.

? Have the conditions of the Derby always been the same as they are now?

•No. Today the Derby is for 3-year-olds at a mile and a quarter, all carrying 126 pounds, except fillies who get a five-pound allowance. The race has been for 3-year-olds since the beginning in 1875, but it was run at a mile and a half until 1895 when it was reduced to a mile and a quarter.

? How many odds-on favorites have won?

•Out of the 27 runnings that there have been odds-on favorites, 15 have won, eight have been second and the rest finished out of the money.

? What was the fastest time that the Derby has been run in? The slowest?

•The horses that have run the fastest in the Derby are Spokane (1889) who went the mile and a half in 2:34½ and Whirlaway (1941) who went a mile and a quarter in 2:01 2/5. The slowest times have been set by Kingman (1891), 2:52¼ for a mile and a half, and Stone Street (1908) who made 2:15 1/5 for a mile and a quarter.

? Has any Derby winner produced both a son and a grandson who also became Derby winners?

•Yes, two. Reigh Count (1928) sired Count Fleet (1943) who in. turn sired Count Turf (1951). Pensive (1944) sired Ponder (1949) who in turn sired Needles (1956).

? Have any jockeys won the Derby twice in a row?

•Yes, two. Isaac Murphy won on Riley in 1890 and Kingman in 1891. Jimmy Wink-field won on His Eminence in 1901 and Alan-a-Dale in 1902.

? What is the highest payoff in the mutuels in the Derby? The lowest?

•Donerail (1913) paid $184.90 on a $2 win ticket, Citation (coupled with Coaltown) and Count Fleet each paid $2.80 when they won. These are the smallest winning prices since pari-mutuel betting was official at Churchill Downs in 1908. Before that Hindoo (1881), Halma (1895) and Agile (1905) each paid 1 to 3 to win.

? What Derby winner has sired the most Derby winners?

•Bold Venture (1936), who sired two winners: Assault who won in 1946 and Middleground who won in 1950. They both were owned by King Ranch.

? What jockey has ridden in the most Derbies?

•Eddie Arcaro. His ride on First Landing, which finished third in 1959, marked his 20th appearance in the Derby.

? What was the largest amount wagered on the Derby?

•$1,677,178 was wagered on the Derby in 1955, a record that still stands. The $4,280,287 that was bet on the day's card that year was topped in 1956 when the crowd wagered 54,360,232 on the nine races, but they bet only $1,666,550 on the Derby.

? How many favorites have won the Derby?

•Thirty-nine post-time favorites, or 45.8%, have won the race. Of the other favorites, 21 ran second, six were third and the rest unplaced.