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What Makes This Girl So Happy?



This muddy meeting took place recently on the mucky bed of Lake Lagunita on the campus of Stanford University. It was the slither-off to something called "Con Home Week," an annual fund drive for the Convalescent Home, a college-sponsored hospital for children. The Mud Follies, so called, was to have featured a tug of war, a soccer game with a giant balloon, a nightshirt relay race and a greased-pole climb. But after the first event sloshed to its conclusion the program bogged down into a good-natured muddle in which all the coeds got gratuitous beauty treatments and the spectators learned at first hand the meaning of mud-slinging.

The Royal Heave-ho

Getting a truly majestic shove at the start of a Go-Kart race near the Amman airport in Jordan is 20-year-old Toni Gardiner; the shover is her brand-new fiancé, King Hussein, who had her renamed Mouna al Hussein at their betrothal. Born in Chelmondiston, England, the future queen is the daughter of the official "antibomb officer" in Hussein's precarious court. Since a lowly Go-Kart is obviously not a proper chariot for a queen, this was Toni's last fling at her hazardous avocation (she has a scar on her right hand as the result of a crash). She finished sixth out of eight.