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For the shock of surf on sun-hot skin † The exhilaration of a run or a hard swim † Or just for lazy mornings on the sand † The new sporting look is clear-colored, clean and free-moving this SUMMER AT THE SHORE

Tent-shaped beach dresses are on their way (this one is a Carmen G. design). New for men are striped, belted crew shorts (these by RFD).

Warm in the chill of the breaking Sea, the girls delight in the last brilliance of the sun. Softly draped suits, of fluid mat jersey reveal the natural form of the body. Both were designed by Rudi Gernreich.

A Sunflower glows vividly on a beach dress designed full and fluid—for sunning or setting off a tan, for wading or to slip on after a swim. This one, by Carmen G., is in sharkskin.

For action on the sand there are trunks by Catalina, a shirt by RFD. For the passive, Mister Pants offers a mosaic-print one-piece sunsuit, good for lazing or lunching.

For swimmers, the classic knitted swimsuit gives great freedom in Rose Marie Reid's pink Orion, Jantzen's stretch trunks, Catalina's blue Helanca.

For loafers, there are wayout choices like Tina Leser's boldly striped beach shroud, Ulla's bell-bottom trousers and orange stretch-terry T shirt.

The clothes on this and the preceding pages can be found at the following stores. Pages 68 and 69: beach dress, $16, B. Altman; man's shorts, $13, Lord & Taylor; beach hat by Therese Ahrens. Pages 70 and 71, skirted swimsuit, $36, maillot swimsuit, $26, Saks Fifth Avenue, New York, Neiman-Marcus. Pages 72 and 73, playsuit, $35, Bergdorf Goodman; straw beach hat, Lilly Dache; man's beach shirt, $13, Lord & Taylor; trunks, $4, Desmond's; beach dress, $20, Saks Fifth Avenue, New York, Neiman-Marcus. Page 74, pink swimsuit, $24, blue swimsuit, $20, Saks Fifth Avenue, New York, Neiman-Marcus; trunks, $6, Meier & Frank. Page 75, beach shroud, $30, Bergdorf Goodman; bell-bottom pants, $13, T shirt, $9, Saks Fifth Avenue, New York, Neiman-Marcus.