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Star's starlet

In the country club atmosphere of Hollywood, kids grow up playing golf and tennis the way kids elsewhere play hopscotch and stickball. Even so, it took a lot of coaching to get Viennese Actor Paul Henreid's daughter Mimi to play tennis. When her older sister Monica started taking lessons on the family court eight years ago, Mimi hovered bashfully on the sidelines, watching but refusing to play. "Only after months of eavesdropping," recalls Henreid, "did Mimi finally decide to have a try at the game."

Once started, however, Mimi was impossible to stop. Within three years she was playing tournament-caliber tennis. Last year, at 15, she earned a No. 2 place in the national rankings for girls of her age.

"She has a fine potential," says Mimi's proud father. The only trouble is he can no longer enjoy playing with her. "The last time we played she spotted me 30 love, and I only took one game."