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Top coach for a top team

The University of Utah hasn't lost a Skyline tennis championship in seven years, and it has no intention of marring that record. It might seem, then, that Utah had a tough task to face this spring when Tennis Coach Theron Parmelee decided to retire. But not at all. Sitting virtually at courtside on Utah's campus was a man whose knowledge of the game of tennis was proved: during his spare time he had set up a tennis instruction program in Salt Lake City that already boasts 4,000 racket-happy youngsters.

The man was the university's own sports publicity director, Harry James, and without a moment's hesitation Athletic Director Bud Jack hired him as the new tennis coach. Neither Jack nor his new coach seemed to attach much, if any, importance to the fact that Harry James, a onetime Army tennis star, has been confined to a wheelchair since an attack of polio 16 years ago. "I don't know of anybody," says Athletic Director Jack of his new coach, "who thinks of Harry James as handicapped."