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10 First Blood for Bus
In a tune-up for the America's Cup Bus Mosbacher boards a loser called Easterner—and Easterner gets going

14 The Reds Are the Real Thing
By beating the Dodgers three out of four, Cincinnati has silenced the last of the skeptics

16 Power versus Perfection
The U.S. track and field team is off on its tour of Europe, and it won't be beaten—or will it?

18 A Schuss in the Slush Cup
A mixture of winter snows and summer sun makes for sloppy fun on the slopes

20 Cubans, Cops and a Shy TV
The Cuban invasion of Yankee Stadium was unscheduled but certainly worth a look

22 The Mistakes of Sonny Liston
An examination of the heavyweight contender and his curious affinity jar trouble

30 Vintage Regatta at Marblehead
Richard Meek's color camera shows the excitement and the charm of the oldest Race Week of all

36 The Longest Hitting Streak
Twenty years ago this summer Joe DiMaggio hit safely in 56 straight games. No one has since come close

52 The River That Will Flow Forever
In a unique tribute to Hemingway's genius, Robert Cantwell brings to life the scene of one of his greatest stories

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5 Scorecard
42 Harness Racing
60 For the Record
61 Baseball's Week
62 19th Hole
64 Pat on the Back

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Next week

From Moscow Roy Terrell and Jerry Cooke report in words and pictures the biggest track news of 1961—the clash between the U.S. team and its equally strong Russian foes.

In a castle laboratory high above the Hudson River sits Dr. Ernest Dichter, probing the psyche of the masses, sports fans not excepted. A story of a very unusual man.

Naturalist Elgin Ciampi shows, in five pages of unique color photographs, how a gamefish takes the lure, and then he tells in his own words exactly what tempts a fish to strike.