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12 The Track Duel of the Giants
World records fell and friendship flowered as U.S. and Russian athletes battled in Moscow

20 Arnie Gets the One He Wanted
Driving his determined way through gales, floods and underbrush, Palmer wins a classic championship

22 Barks but No Bite
Borne on the wind, the Japanese once again head for Pearl Harbor, but this time it's just for fun

24 Golf, Dixieland and Dirty Rice
Louisiana's engaging Hebert brothers, who have each won the PGA championship, are set to try again

30 How and Why a Fish Strikes
Elgin Ciampi's color photographs show fish at the moment they hit the lure, and he tells what makes them bite

36 Whitey Throws for 30
Best pitcher in baseball, Yankee Whitey Ford is sure to win 20—and might even get 30—games this year

40 Through the Dark Glass Lightly
An inventory of the specialized sunglasses that protect the eyes in the bright outdoors

50 Dr. Dichter and His Living Lab
The father of motivational research also applies himself to sports—with some astonishing results. By Robert Boyle

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9 Scorecard
40 Sporting Look
42 Medicine
44 Charles Goren
59 Baseball's Week
60 For the Record
61 19th Hole
64 Pat on the Back

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Cover photograph by Elgin Ciampi
















Next week

The first color pictures from the U.S.-Russian track meet, taken by Jerry Cooke, capture the exciting highlights of last week's incisive American victory in Moscow's Lenin Stadium.

What does a novice pilot do when he finds himself trapped in a ring of clouds and haze? Percy Knauth writes the dramatic and intimate story of a flying father's hour of crisis.

The wide variety of baseball's split-second action, from a close play at home plate to a barehand stop of a fast ground ball, is portrayed in a 10-page portfolio of color photographs.