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8 Assault on the Record
If Mantle or Maris hits 61 homers, will he break Babe Ruth's record? A straight answer by Walter Bingham

12 Very Good, Very Tired, Very Winning
The U.S. track team continues its successful European tour. Plus first color photographs of the Moscow meet

16 Merrie Go Round
As France's favorite tangles with a rival, an outsider out-trots them both at Roosevelt

18 Down to the Sea
A sonorous phrase from the King James version achieves sudden relevance in mid-Atlantic

20 Free Facial at the Fence
A pretty equestrienne gets a beauty treatment from an obstinate mount

22 Pancho Plays Tennis in Paradise
A tantalizing new game brings together an array of top racket stars in a most unusual tournament

28 The Race Against the Ball
Baseball's split-second action is portrayed in a 10-page portfolio of striking color photographs

38 Challenge to Bud Wilkinson
An expert on fitness, George Munger, proposes simple remedies to mend the physical state of U.S. youth

50 New Ways to Put Out the Fire
A recommended list of drinks that are mild and cool and just right after hard play in the hot summer sun

54 Rendezvous with an Unknown Field
The minute-by-minute story of how a pilot-father, trapped by weather, met an hour of crisis aloft

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4 Scorecard
44 Boxing
46 Horse Racing
48 Charles Goren
50 Food
61 Baseball's Week
62 For the Record
63 19th Hole
64 Pat on the Back

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Next week

From Olympia Fields Country Club near Chicago, a report by Alfred Wright on Arnold Palmer's quest for the only major golf title he has never won: the PGA championship.

Two vivid color pictures show the wonders of national parks to be; and some good advice on how to get the most enjoyment out of a park visit is proffered by a former U.S. ranger.

Robert Cantwell introduces Lisa Lane, chess champion extraordinary, who combines intelligence and talent with a feminine beauty never before seen in that venerable game.