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10 Problems and a Playoff
Jerry Barber and Don January thrived on adversity as rain and some old golf ills plagued the pros' big tournament

12 Temptation of the Virgin Pass
Veteran Guide Walter Bonatti led six men in a tragic attempt to climb Mont Blanc via the Freney Pillar

16 Tee-hee and O Pshaw!
When the ladies move in on his private golf course, it's time for a man to head out for Africa

18 Over and In—the River
"Over and out" is not a proper radio call, but it fits perfectly the distress of two mariners on a German river

20 Saratoga: Where Horse Is King
Such is the boast of the pleasant old community where the finest of Thoroughbreds race again this month

25 The Private Ordeal of Herb Score
Mystified by his own failures, a once great pitcher is trying to regain his powers in the minors

28 Babes in the Wilderness
A U.S. park ranger urges American travelers to leave their city habits behind when they go to the woods

36 Just a Japanese Roundboat
Japanese Industrialist Genichi Kawakami is turning out round plastic boats with motors in the middle

48 Queen of Knights and Pawns
The intimate and unusual story of Lisa Lane, a girl who is not only beautiful but a chess champion as well

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6 Coming Events
7 Scorecard
36 Boating
39 Horse Shows
40 Fishing
43 Charles Goren
55 Baseball's Week
56 For the Record
58 19th Hole
60 Pat on the Back

Cover photograph by John G. Zimmerman

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Next week

Vividly portraying the many moods of fishing, Photographer Pete Turner follows a fisherman through a day on a stream, showing his emotions as he lives in a world apart.

Carola Mandel, one of the best shotgun handlers in the business and doubtless the prettiest, gives suggestions in a six-page instructional on the elements of trap and skeet shooting.

Arlie Schardt takes a look at durable swimming champion Murray Rose, whose reliable four-beat crawl year after year kicks bubbles into the faces of ambitious young newcomers.