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12 Feud in the National League
Jim Brosnan tells why the Reels are sore at the Dodgers, and James Murray tells who slew the Bums

18 The Losing Look of a Winner
Middleweight Champion Gene Fullmer was battered and bloody but still very much the victor in a real battle

20 Honorable High Old Time
In a mass summertime outing, Japanese by the thousands climb an old favorite, Mount Fuji

22 A Headache for a Headliner
Willie Mays used his head sliding into second—but he discovered too late that it wasn't the thing to do

24 Parkas Sweep the Sunny Lowlands
Color photographs of ski-styled clothes for any kind of college fun, from fall to early spring

30 Seaweed, Speed, Sunflower Seed
A look into the life and winning ways of the vegetable kingdom's most durable champion, Swimmer Murray Rose

38 Fishing in a Stream of Color
Photographer Pete Turner portrays in eight pages of color the gamut of a fisherman's moods in a day

46 Carola Mandel on Shotgun Shooting
A glamorous champion gives her tips on the basic elements of trap and skeet in a six-page instructional

58 Castles in Spain—and Bagpipes
A happy revelation of two obscure aspects of Spanish life by British Travel Writer Anthony Carson

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5 Scorecard
46 Shooting
52 Motor Sports
54 Pro Football
64 Baseball's Week
65 For the Record
66 19th Hole
68 Pat on the Back

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Next week

Richard Bissell, author of the musical The Pajama Game, ruminates on the life of a houseboater in Iowa—you can do it Huck Finn or gray-flannel style. Either way is fun.

In color pictures, Jerry Cooke displays the splendor and the gentle beauty of the gilded age that lingers still at the waterside and in the casinos of the French resort of Deauville.

St. Louis' Judy Torluemke, who won her first major golf title at the age of 7, not only is a remarkably engaging 16-year-old but she may be one of golf's best prospects ever.