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...and a Time to Cry

These three Los Angeles Dodger fans looked forward to a little sporting mayhem as they settled into their seats at a Coliseum double-header last week. The competition was the Cincinnati Reds, a team that had had the gall to charge the nice Dodger pitchers with the habitual use of high-and-tight deadly weapons and other antisocial practices (SI, Aug. 14). The Dodgers said so's-your-old-man, and then proceeded to prove the Reds' point. Larry Sherry hit slugger Frank Robinson with a pitch at the Adam's apple, and Stan Williams pinked Vada Pinson on the helmet. The Reds merely picked themselves up, brushed themselves off and fought back with a secret weapon: good baseball. Anguished faces clearly show the result: a sweep—and a firm, righteous hold on first place—for Cincinnati.