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14 Yes, It's Livelier
Scientific tests resolve baseball's biggest controversy by proving that the ball has changed

18 The Way to Beat a Thinker
A Japanese swimmer turns the tables on his tormentor, who may have been too smart for his own good

20 A Time to Laugh, a Time to Cry
A pixilated P.A. system and a hot double-header bring tears of laughter and grief to the ladies

24 Rough Road to the Championship
Racing Driver Stirling Moss drives as an independent and intends to remain one—at least for the time being

28 Short, Happy Career of a Jockey
Genial Jockey Johnny Sellers joins an imposing gallery of famous riders whose portraits are shown in color

32 How Come, Spider?
A onetime Brooklyn Dodger third baseman has a wry but interesting time managing a Class D ball club

38 The Golden Savage
The fighting dourado is a great fish to catch, and the Iguaçú River in Brazil is the place to catch one

46 Reckless Win for a Junior Miss
California's Mary Lowell, taking daring chances, won the U.S. girls' championship on the very last hole

52 This Is Cricket!
A SPORTS ILLUSTRATED baseball writer visits England and finds himself fascinated by a game he never knew

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7 Scorecard
13 Coming Events
44 Sporting Look
46 Golf
48 Harness Racing
50 Charles Goren
63 Baseball's Week
64 For the Record
66 19th Hole
68 Pat on the Back

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Next week

Major league experts at the double play, the split-second ballet on which pennant races turn, reveal the individualistic moves that have enabled them to become master infielders.

A prince of wealth and society, C. V. (Sonny) Whitney applied good sense and competitive drive to the business of horse racing and produced the country's most successful stable.

Artist Bernie Fuchs and Tennis Expert William F. Talbert combine forces to offer an essay on the styles and strategies of the best players who will be on view at Forest Hills next week.