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Through the powerful eyes of Binoculars a sailor seeks the distant buoys, the rocks and reefs that are the water's guideposts; and a horseplayer follows the running around the vastness of a track. But in the relatively close quarters of an arena or a stadium, few spectators use binoculars—they are watching but not seeing. These color photographs by John G. Zimmerman, taken through binoculars, show how seemingly ordinary action becomes startling clear. At right: the upended urgency of an Oriole forced at second is brought home to a Yankee Stadium right-field box. For closeups of football, a fight, and fall spectator fashions see the following six pages. Be low are tips for selecting binoculars.

Best all-purpose binoculars are 7 x 35, the 7 for magnification, the 35 for diameter in millimeters of the objective lens. Some prefer more powerful 8 x 40s. The larger the lens diameter the more light is admitted. For example, a 50-mm. lens is better for foggy, twilight or night viewing. All lens surfaces should be coated for best light transmission. A good pair of binoculars, a lifetime investment, costs $100 to $300.

As Iowa Halfback Gerry Mauren carries against Notre Dame, binoculars bring the action up large and clear to the last tier of seats, 70 yards away from mid-field.

Using seven-power binoculars, the spectator 140 feet away in a mezzanine seat of New York's Madison Square Garden gets a ringside look as boxers tangle in a fast exchange.

New styles for long-range looking emerge as the autumn news in spectator sportswear. For women the shape is the cape, like this hooded one by Trigère. For men, the way to wear patterns is to mix them casually, as here at Belmont: a checked shirt, a foulard tie, a herringbone suit.

Cape shape appears again in Bonnie Cashin's great-collared coat. And striped shirts and patterned ties give a racy air to men's plaid suits. Women's spectator suits have long, fitted lines. Red hacking Jacket above was designed by Ellen Brooke to wear over black-and-white plaid.





Page 41: Trigère cape of purple-and-plum plaid wool is at Saks Fifth Avenue. Kislav gloves are suède. Man's suit of 60% wool, 40% Orion tweed, by Gordon-Ford, is $70 at MacNeil and Moore, Madison, Wis. Herbert Johnson felt hat is $20 at Brooks Bros. Checked shirt by Manhattan is $6. Page 42: Glen-plaid suit by Varsity-Town is $70 at Lytton's, Chicago. Hathaway tab-collar shirt is $7.50. Red-and-gold plaid mohair coat by Bonnie Cashin for Sills is $160; Lord & Taylor, New York. Page 43: Man's Donegal-plaid suit is $125, by Fashion Park. Hathaway's striped broadcloth shirt is $14. Ellen Brooke (for Sportswear Couture) ensemble (jacket, blouse and skirt) is $173 complete at J. L. Hudson, Detroit. Gold jewelry is from Tiffany.