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Earl Stewart Jr., little-known host-pro at Oak Cliff Country Club, shot a 278 to win the $30,000 Dallas Open golf tourney by one stroke, over Arnold Palmer, et al., and became the first pro to win a PGA championship on his home course. His prize: a neat $4,300.

Rudi Altig, West Germany, captured for the third consecutive year the professional cycle chase championship of the world with a gasping, one-second victory in the final heat over Switzerland's Willy Trepp at the Oerlikon track outside of Zurich.

Elizabeth Singer, 32-year-old Toronto housewife and mother of two children, descending the mile-deep wall of Andros' barrier reef, Bahamas, set women's world skin-diving depth record of 307 feet. Her dive surpassed the previous record by 37 feet.

Margaret White, 17, English schoolgirl, became youngest person ever to swim the English Channel. She chose a foggy day "because in clear weather the coast never seems to get any closer," was unaware she had made it until she was 10 yards off the shore.

Al Bortolotti, Detroit, won national Raven class sailing crown for the second time in three years. His 110½-110¼ margin over runner-up Carter Sales Jr. was closest in the class's history. "It made an old man of me," grinned the 40-year-old contractor.

Zane Shubert, 21, Santa Ana, Calif., pushed a double-engine dragster to 168 miles per hour on the last run in Smithfield, Texas to become the national drag racing champion. One engine blew out on Shubert, who drives for "kicks," as he crossed the finish line.