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For Compressible Girls


If these bathing beauties are competent evidence, stretchable suits and compressible girls will be the fashion in 1962. What stretch did before for skiers (and skier watchers) it now promises to do for bathers. The stretchable stuff that makes it possible is spandex—a fiber that is like rubber, only better. Spandex, say those who know, makes curvaceous Betty Grable's celebrated Lastex suit look like a girdle without garters.

These spandex suits (far left by Catalina, above by Elisabeth Stewart) weigh less than five ounces and can be pulled through a wedding ring, if anyone cares to try. But suit designers will not depend on spandex alone to combine a minimum of fabric with a maximum of girl. New suits will also sport asymmetric panels (above) and a variety of wacky cutouts (left, by Rudl Gernreich) that should force every girl to collect half a dozen just to keep her tan evenly spread.