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Jane Ellen Small, Maine freshman and daughter of president of the U.S. Pony Trotting Assn., set a pony trotting mark, riding Some Cookie, 1:55.2 for the half mile. Jane, riding since she was 3, won her first title at 9, at 18 is nation's leading driver with 46 wins.

Emery Thomas, 15, of the Garfield (N.J.) Boys' Club, who shot his first arrow just 11 months ago and has hit two $1 bills from 80 yards, finished second in state archery match at Phillipsburg. A budding scientist, he fired a homemade rocket at Newark airport.

Constance Williams, 26-year-old Centenary (N.J.) College graduate, was named assistant general manager for Philadelphia Ramblers Eastern Hockey League team. Connie's chores will include soothing feelings of players at contract time.

Harry Poworoznyk, the 66-year-old president of a Hamilton, Ont. meat-packing firm, fired a shot in 1918 as a soldier, waited 43 years before firing his next one, bagged a 1,900-pound moose with that bullet. "How to use a gun soon came back to me," he said.

Jane Smith, 32, a housewife from Ridley Park, Pa., averaged 49.4 mph, won the New York-New Jersey Class-A stock hydroplane competition, thereby captured the national championship of the American Powerboat Association, a title once held by her husband.

Don Schwall, 23, 6-foot-5½, 210-pound right-hander, signed to a $50,000 bonus contract while at the U. of Oklahoma, earned the AL's Rookie-of-the-Year award with a 15-7 record, 3.27 ERA, for the Boston Red Sox, though he did not join the club until late May.