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How not to worry

What do you do—as a mother—if your boy is a champion race driver and your girl is constantly risking her neck driving sports cars or jumping horses? The answer, if you happen to be the mother of Pat and Stirling Moss, is: stay home and polish their trophies.

Philosophical Aileen Moss has no idea how many cups her daring and talented offspring have won, "and," she says, "I'm not about to count them." Bowls, shields, candlesticks, platters, even a silver flower or two, the trophies line the stairway, the halls and every room of the Moss house in Hertfordshire. Mrs. Moss patiently polishes them all and has even found a use for some of them: "I keep the dog's ball in one and use two others as biscuit barrels."

The one thing Mrs. Moss will not tolerate is challenge cups. "I'll take care of any kind of trophy that the children win outright," she says, "but not trophies they might have to give back."