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Twelve tons of shot

More and more the sport of trapshooting is becoming a kid's game, with most of its champions in their teens (SI, Aug. 14). But Dr. Victor Reinders of Waukesha, Wis. is a man who cares little for trends. During 30 years of trapshooting, this 54-year-old teacher has captured the Wisconsin state championship 14 times, the national doubles championship twice and the Grand American high overall event three times. And, using the same old 12-gauge shotgun, he has pumped out more than 12 tons of shot and cracked 98,000 out of the 100,000 clay pigeons that he has fired at—a career average no other shooter has ever matched.

Dr. Reinders, an astigmatic chemistry professor at the University of Wisconsin (Milwaukee), admits the younger generation of shooters is pressing him hard, but he doesn't mind too much. "The kids just don't know enough to miss." he says. "Nobody has told these youngsters trapshooting is really difficult."