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Hard-hitting diplomat

Chris Ohiri of Nigeria, a 22-year-old sophomore at Harvard, is studying for a career in diplomacy, but there's nothing diplomatic about the way Ohiri plays soccer. Last year, when he was a freshman, his razzle-dazzle switch kicking so confused his U.S. Ivy League opposition that he scored 36 goals in nine games. Moreover, the sheer power of his kicks stunned four hapless American goalies and knocked another cold. "Soccer doesn't get as much attention here as your football," is the way Ohiri explains it, "but back in Africa it's a big sport."

This season Ohiri, who is shown here with Harvard Coach Bruce Monroe, is looking even better than he did last year. Against Tufts he scored all five goals in a 5-0 win; against Cornell, five goals and three assists; against Amherst, all four goals in a 4-2 win. And his kicking continues to make goalies tremble. "It's easy for me," he says. "I've been kicking a ball ever since I can remember."