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14 The Day the Boys Scared the Men
New York's pro Giants had the game won all along. The only trouble was, the Eagles didn't quite believe them

18 A Deep Bow to a Big Dutchman
Two hoary myths of judo were destroyed when a good big man from Holland won the championship of the world

22 Fun on the Farm
The six Brady children and their father Bill run a farm, but there's more to do than just chores

28 Green Bay: A Corner on Defense
The Packers have corner linebackers Dan Currie and Bill Forester, and together they are more than enough

36 130 Mph in the Living Room
The liveliest gifts this Christmas are scale-model cars that simulate the fast action of Grand Prix racing

40 The Great Burro Derby
The donkey's faithful advocate, John O'Reilly, tells how a bunch of burros put life in an old town

52 Boxing's Near-fatal Recovery
Six fights and one postponement in one week gave the ailing sport something to talk about at last

56 The Greek Who Makes the Odds
Jimmie the Greek of Las Vegas tells how he sets odds and point spreads on top sporting events

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7 Scorecard
48 Skiing
51 College Football
52 Boxing
54 Basketball
55 Charles Goren
69 Basketball's Week
70 For the Record
71 19th Hole
72 Pat on the Back

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Our holiday issue is replete with special features. The college bowl games are carefully scouted: Charles Goren presents another bridge quiz; and Robert Coughlan introduces the Democratic Party's most distinguished consort. Perhaps our most notable "special," however, is a 40-page examination, in prose and in dramatic color photography, of sportsmen and sportswomen in the U.S. and throughout the world—-past and present. Alexander Eliot tells the fantastic story of Heracles, and Barbara Heilman introduces a modern earth-shaker named B. E. Bensinger. The delights of our color camera report are, we hope, epitomized by the lovely French girl who graces our cover (below).