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The Fun of a Farm Is Anywhere


Dennis Brady finds it hunting pheasant in a snowy South Dakota cornfield. Dennis is one of the six children of Bill Brady, a man who holds down a full-time job as a linotyper in Mitchell, five miles away, and at the same time runs a real, if small, farm. "I could get a helper to do the chores, but we feel we want the kids to grow up and know what work is," Brady says. He and the four boys manage corn and cattle, hogs, chickens and sheep. It's work but, as the following pages show, not all work and no play

Fun outside finds Rick and Donald Brady making the most of one sled and the minimal incline of a "hill" behind the house. Below: Donald helps round up the sheep. Chores morning and evening and school in between have not prevented the boys from being on their high school football team, playing baseball and basketball, hunting and getting to church. But it takes a heap of scheduling, and it takes a heap of physical energy to keep to the schedules

Fun inside ranges from board games in the farmhouse to basketball in the barn. Donald, Rick and Ann Marie (above) seem to be engaged in three-handed checkers. Later, the boys shoot baskets in the hayloft court (right). Bill Brady wants his children to "know what work is and what play is." There is no better place than a farm to learn about both