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In Dallas, third-ranked Texas, with its elusive backs, meets fourth-ranked Mississippi, a strong passing team, in what should be the best game of New Year's Day

Texas is not a passing team, but against Mississippi it may become one, especially if the field is muddy. Coach Darrell Royal thinks that a sloppy field helps a passing attack because receivers know where they are going and aren't as likely as the defenders to slip. Quarterback Mike Cotten has improved tremendously this season and is most effective on roll-outs. Do not be surprised if Halfback Jimmy Saxton (who is scoring a touchdown in drawing at right) throws a pass too. He threw only one all season, but it went for a touchdown. Saxton is a magnificent runner going up the middle on traps or off tackle behind good blocking but Texas has other fine backs—Jack Collins Jerry Cook and Ray Poage—who help each other with effective blocking This season Coach Royal installed what he calls a "flip-flop" offense The strong side end tackle and guard work as a unit with the wingback, switching from the left side of the line to the right, depending on the play. That way the linemen need learn only one set of assignments. On defense Texas has Pat Culpepper. Although he weighs only 180 he is-an excellent linebacker To Mississippi he may seem like 280.

Mississippi brings an impressive set of statistics to the Cotton Bowl. The Rebels are third in the nation in yards gained passing, seventh in rushing, fourth in scoring and third in defense. Mississippi uses a quarterback-fullback offense—all types of passes, plus quarterback roll-outs and fullback drives up the middle. Sadly, Mississippi's best fullback, Billy Ray Adams, was injured in an automobile accident shortly after the end of the season and will not be able to play. His place will be filled by one of the sophomores who saw little action this season. This means that Texas will be able to concentrate on stopping Mississippi's passing attack but that should be enough to keep it busy. Ole Miss has three outstanding quarterbacks—Doug Elmore (getting off pass on opposite page), Glynn Griffing and Perry Lee Dunn—all of whom can throw and run well. The offense has one major defect—the Rebels fumble frequently. The defense is fast, alert and aggressive, with good depth The team's punting however is only ordinary. Mississippi will probably open the game up early, but with-out Adams its ground game will be negligible, which tips the scale to Texas.